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First-Class Tree Surgery in Esher, Godalming and Farnham

Based in Godalming, LTD Tree Surgeons provide professional tree services for domestic and commercial customers in Farnham, Esher and the surrounding Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex areas. We cover all aspects of tree and forestry care as listed below, including tree surgery, tree felling and woodland management.

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Crown Reduction


Crown reduction is a tree surgery technique performed by tree surgeons to reduce the overall height and size of the crown of a tree, usually for health and aesthetic purposes. Rather than reducing the number of branches, cuts are made as small as possible to the branches to retain the main shape of the tree.

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Crown Thinning


At LTD Tree Surgeons, we often undertake crown thinning services for customers in Godalming, Farnham and Esher. This effective tree surgery technique is done to create better wind-filter and to avoid potential tree felling requirements due to disease. The process involves removing dead and diseased branches from the crown.

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Crown Lifting


Crown lifting is the careful tree surgery process involving the removal of lower branches of the tree. This is widely requested in Godalming, Farnham, Esher and the surrounding Surrey areas, to raise the canopy of street trees to a clearance height of 3.5m. Raising the crown also helps to increase the amount of light passing through your tree.

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Section Dismantling and Tree Felling


Tree felling and dismantling involves removing a tree by cutting, lowering down and removing sections of it. Our team of expert tree surgeons are experienced in tree felling of all kinds, using advanced rigging techniques to lower sections carefully to the ground. We always take care to prevent damage to any environment within close-proximity of the tree.

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Deadwood Removal


Whether you have a single tree in a Godalming garden, a collection of trees in a park in Esher or an entire woodland in Farnham, our tree surgeons are happy to offer deadwood removal services throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex. As with all our tree surgery services, this includes the disposing of green waste in environmentally-friendly ways.

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Tree Survey and Inspection


As part of our professional tree surgery services, LTD Tree Surgeons undertake tree surveys and tree inspections to analyse the health, safety and aesthetics of your tree. We can check for any problem areas, establish if you require tree felling, check for Tree Preservation Orders and submit results to local authorities. We always give you a copy of our findings.

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Emergency Tree Work


If you live in Godalming, Farnham, Esher or in any of the surrounding areas, our trusted tree surgeons deliver fast and efficient emergency tree work. We use advanced rigging or can contract in a crane, to assist with the safe and effective removal of trees that have fallen onto properties, or into any other surrounding environments.

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Tree Planting


We are extremely knowledgeable in the tree planting seasons and provide a wide range of tree planting services for domestic and commercial customers. We are always conscious that evergreen and deciduous trees are being planted in the correct season and offer free advice on the best care and maintenance needed for the growth of a healthy tree.


Call LTD Tree Surgeons today on 01483 860965 or 07775 926586 for trusted tree surgery, tree felling and woodland management services in Godalming, Farnham and Esher.

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