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Exceptional Stump Grinding in Godalming, Farnham and Esher

LTD Tree Surgeons perform professional stump grinding services for domestic and commercial customers in Godalming, Farnham, Esher and the wider Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex areas. Using state of the art machinery and techniques, we successfully remove tree stumps safely, we also supply eco plugs for tree stumps where necessary.

Why Removing Tree Stumps is Beneficial

After tree felling has taken place or if a stump has been on your property for a long time, we recommend using stump grinding services from LTD Tree Surgeons. We can remove unsightly stumps from your garden or commercial space. If tree stumps are left on your property or in a woodland, they can begin to cause issues such as rotting or regrowth.


One of the main problems with leaving tree stumps untouched at your Godalming, Farnham, Esher or other UK property, is that eventually the stump will begin to rot. This attracts unwanted rot and fungus that could spread into surrounding areas, such as other parts of your garden.


Another reason Godalming, Farnham and Esher customers often ask our tree surgeons for stump grinding services, is to improve the aesthetics of their garden. Tree stumps are not particularly attractive and can ruin the overall landscape of your outside space, as well as making the space they are located unusable and a trip hazard.

Our Stump Grinding Services

At LTD Tree Surgeons, we are happy to undertake stump grinding of all kinds for customers in Godalming, Farnham, Esher and the wider Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex areas. Based in Godalming, we’ve been providing tree surgery services in the local areas since 2009 and have built an excellent reputation for our reliable and effective stump grinding services.

LTD Tree Surgeons reliable stump grinding services include:

  • Work carried-out by qualified and insured tree surgeons
  • The use of modern stump grinding machines
  • Stump grinding for domestic and commercial purposes
  • Stump grinding after tree felling has taken place
  • Mobile and home visits in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex
  • Stump grinding as part of our woodland management services

When performing stump grinding services for Godalming, Farnham, Esher and other clients in the surrounding areas, our knowledgeable and expert team of tree surgeons will arrive fully-equipped to tackle tree stumps of any size. All personnel are qualified and trained to use stump grinding machines safely.


We often use three different stump grinding machines, ranging in size from 9 horse power to 60 horse power. These are used to grind stumps to the requested depth, often around 4-6 inches deep or 1 meter if complete removal of the stump is needed. Stump grinding to these depths is the only way to stop potential regrowth of the tree and to prevent rot.

Call 01483 860965 or 07775 926586 today for free estimates and advice from experienced tree surgeons. We offer first-class stump grinding in Godalming, Farnham and Esher.