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At LTD Tree Surgeons in Godalming, we take health and safety very seriously and ensure every member of our team is highly trained to work within one of the most dangerous industries in Esher and the rest of the UK. Every year tree surgeons and arborists are injured undertaking tree and forestry services such as:

  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Surgery
  • Tree Felling
  • Hedge Cutting

Many injuries are caused due to improper handling of chainsaws, falling from heights or being struck by falling trees or branches during tree felling. At LTD Tree Surgeons, our policy is to provide safe and healthy environments and equipment. We do this by ensuring all personnel are proficiently trained in tree surgery techniques, equipment and safety policies.

LTD Tree Surgeons Health and Safety Policies

We take pride in delivering stump grinding, hedge cutting, tree felling and all other tree surgery services in Esher and Surrey that are safe, efficient and reliable. All services carried out by our tree surgeons, climbers and groundsmen are completed to British Standard 3998:2010 recommendations, following strict health and safety protocols.


Some of our key health and safety policies for tree surgeons include:

Working at Heights


All personnel must be trained to carry-out tree and forestry services, such as tree surgery, tree felling and hedge cutting at height. This includes advanced rigging techniques and other effective lowering, lifting and climbing techniques.

Working with Chainsaws


Tree surgeons working in Esher and throughout the UK should have a high-level of training in the use of chainsaws. Improper handling of chainsaws during tree felling, tree surgery or stump grinding services can lead to serious and fatal injuries.

Stump Grinding Machines


Stump grinding should only be undertaken by tree surgeons with adequate training in stump grinding machinery. Machines should be regularly cleaned and handled with care. Safety screens should always be placed when machines are in use.

Personal Protective Equipment


No matter the type of tree felling, hedge cutting or other tree or forestry service being provided, high-quality PPE is always worn by LTD Tree Surgeons undertaking work at your Esher or other Surrey property.

Risk Management


Risk assessments should be completed when carrying-out stump grinding, hedge cutting, tree felling and all tree surgery services in Esher and the surrounding Surrey areas. This helps to protect people, property and wildlife from harm.

Safe Woodland Management


When undertaking forestry work such as tree felling and stump grinding in Esher or the surrounding areas, a clear communication system should be established within the forestry team. Emergency stop signals and regular communication is key to avoiding incorrect directional tree felling and any potential injury.

To learn more about health and safety policies for tree surgeons or to book a tree surgery, stump grinding or hedge cutting service in Esher, call us on 01483 860965 or 07775 926586.